Program & Technical Management

 To compete in today’s highly competitive environment you must be able to execute programs efficiently and predictively to meet your technical, cost, and schedule requirements.  Program and technical management skills and processes are key enablers to flawless execution. 

We can help your business implement and maintain effective program management and technical management processes that will be compliant with DoD requirements and allow efficient and successful execution of programs through focusing on the following areas:


  •  Program Planning                                        
  •  Earned Value Management
  •  IMP & IMS
  •  Configuration Management
  •  Requirements Management
  •  Metrics Management
  •  Independent Assessment
  •  Risk & Opportunity
  •  Closed Loop Action System
  •  Program Affordability
  •  Supplier Management
  •  Program Performance Reviews


Product development

 Product development requires multiple disciplines cooperating and teaming to produce a desired product that meets the needs of the intended users.  We can support your company in a multidisciplinary capacity to assist you in developing or can lead the development of your desired product.  Disciplines employed include:  

  • System Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Reliability Engineering
  • Electromagnetic Effects
  • Software Design
  • Logistics Engineering
  • Performance Analysis
  • Integration & Test
  • Design to Cost
  • Physical Packaging
  • Production Support
  • Automated Tools
  • Producibility Engineering
  • Project Management 


Capture Management


Winning programs is essential to every company’s success.  Customers need to know you are out there and need to understand with confidence that you have the best solution to address their needs.

We can assist you in capturing a win by focusing your proposal effort on the following areas:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Performing a competitive Assessment
  • Determining the Price to Win
  • Managing your discriminators
  • Maintaining a winning Technical Baseline
  • Performing appropriate demonstrations
  • Win Strategy Management
  • Integrated Master Plan
  • Cost Strategy
  • Technical Volume
  • Management Volume
  • Orals Preparation